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Hampden Pale Ale- (available in 22 oz bottles)

Pale Ale

Our signature Hampden Pale Ale - refreshing pale ale with plenty of hop aroma and taste, balanced with a good malt backbone: a crowd pleaser and our signature beer.

ABV 5.0 %
IBU 45
OG 1.050


North Trail Ale: IPA - (available in 22 oz bottles)

North Trail

The North Trail IPA is crafted using generous amounts of American hop varieties combined with premium 2-row, crystal and honey malts, giving this beer a citrus flavor with hints of grapefruit and tangerine.

ABV 6.0 %
IBU 54
OG 1.054


Wishing Wind IPA - (Available in 22 oz bottles)

Our Wishing Wind IPA combines premium 2 row with some light crystal malts. This malt is married with generous amounts of 5 different hop varieties, yielding both citrus and piney notes.

ABV 6.5%

IBU 65

OG 1.060


Old Coach Trail Ale: IPA - (Not in stock)

Old Coach Trail ALe

The Old Coach Trail IPA is made with a blend of 8 different hop varieties combined with premium 2-row and crystal malts. The hop blend produces a beer with both citrus and pine notes.

ABV 6.0 %
IBU 62
OG 1.054


Billy Goat Trail Ale -(Out of Stock)

Billy Goat Trail Ale

Billy Goat Trail Ale is brewed to be a refreshing ale, lightly hopped, with a good balance of premium 2 row and light crystal malts. This beer is brewed with a combination of locally grown hops and a new hop variety grown in the southern hemisphere, yielding hints of grapefruit.
ABV 5%
IBU 30
OG 1.048


Algonquin Trail Ale - (Out of Stock)

Algonquin trail Ale

Algonquin Trail Ale features the hard to get Amarillo hop variety that contributes to a fruity aroma, with a slight hint of citrus/orange, and a clean bitterness. Crafted using premium 2 row, crystal 40, and light munich malt.

ABV 5.0
IBU 40
OG 1.048


Strawberry Wheat - ( Out of Stock)

Strawberry wheat

Our Strawberry Wheat is made using strawberries picked locally at Meadowbrook Farms. Easy drinking, light in color, with a subtle strawberry taste and aroma.

ABV 4.5%
IBU 19
OG 1.044


Killer Bee (Double Honey Ale) (limited supply)

Killer Bee is a double honey ale that is made from honey, premium two row malt, specialty malts and finishing hops.This light colored ale has a distinct sting, at a mean 8.5% alcohol by volume. The bees won't be the only ones buzzing over it. Hurry . . . as it is going fast.

ABV 8.5%

IBU 18

OG 1.074


After Midnight (Vanilla Porter) (currently out of stock)

After Midnight is a smooth porter with coffee notes and just a hint of vanilla on the finish. This beer was brewed as a tribute to the late Kenneth Koontz (Dave Buel's father in law), whose prized possession was his black pick up truck which he named "After Midnight". Look for this brew in your local liquor stores this fall.

ABV 5.0%

IBU 20

OG 1.050

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